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ARP Researcher Platform

Intelligent application platform designed for architectural researchers, providing lightweight, easy-to-use intelligent tools. As an open architectural digital laboratory platform for researchers, it is aimed to create a co-shared, co-research and co-creation environment with low code (or no code) mode

ARP Researcher Platform

X-Urban Tool

Urban planning schemes generation platform


X-Flat Tool

Standard floor plan schemes generation platform



Collaborate with AI to create the landscapes, buildings, and cities


X-Brick Tool

Bricks arranged in ten ways for rapid brick arrangement online

Key Competencies

  • Lightweight but closed loop, easy to use

    With intelligent application tools, one can experience various lightweight but closed loop intelligent applications that satisfy the needs of various scenarios, from urban concept to specific construction, from file analysis to scheme generation

  • Low-code, rapid testing

    Providing a complete development kit and code package for platform ecological collaborators and researchers. With a low-code development model, one can quickly test, iterate, and realize creative inspiration. It contributes to the digitization of the building industry with minimal effort

  • Establishing a research and academic ecosystem

    Provide an integrated ecosystem for architectural researchers and practitioners, from academic research to industrial application. The system facilitates the high level of integration and sustainability between industry, education, and research

Partner Ecosystem

2022 · DigitalFUTURES Workshop

XKool focuses on reinforcement learning with swarm behavior and complex game strategies. It simulates and demonstrates complex behaviors of swarm organizations in the virtual world using Unity and the ML-Agents framework.

2021 · DigitalFUTURES Workshop

Through the analysis of satellite image data, XKool uses AI to determine the urban style development pattern and predict the future

2020 · DigitalFUTURES Worksho

XKool uses AI to identify sketches and create a landscape generation engine

2019 · DigitalFUTURES Workshop

XKool establish an AI-integrated city image aggregation model and city analysis system

2018 · DigitalFUTURES Workshop

XKool attempts to integrate deep learning in the discrimination of architectural styles

2021 · Computational Design Symposium

Using the X-Urban Tool urban design tool coupled with a big data analysis of urban areas, XKool carries out urban design in a new way

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