X-Urban Tool

X-Urban Tool is an AI-integrated online urban planning scheme design platform. Based on the technical principle with considering geometry, data, intelligence, and user interaction, the platform uses big data, AI, and cloud computing as the underlying architecture. Further, it uses general urban planning logic and optimization generation algorithms to quickly generate and evaluate massive urban planning schemes to achieve a cross-disciplinary and multi-dimensional associated digital intelligence planning system

Application Cases

Chongqing Shiqiaopu District Urban Renewal Project

The single urban function and downgrading infrastructure conditions in the Shiqiaopu area of Chongqing require an urgent reconstruction of the urban system. X-Urban Tool assists in the urban renewal project for a selected area. Nine sets of parameter settings are used to generate 9 sets of urban planning schemes, which are aimed to solve urban traffic congestion and small public spaces problems

Aerial view of the site

Upload regulated masterplans, generate planning schemes

9 groups of schemes

2021 Computational Design Symposium | XKool Technology Workshop

In the forum, using the X-Urban Tool urban design platform, XKool guided students to carry out data-driven urban planning. A variety of technologies were implemented, ranging from data preparation to model programming to application exploration

The urban planning scheme calculated based on the X-Urban Tool in this workshop